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My Relationship Viewer loading forever. How to troubleshoot it?

Question asked by on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by casph02

Hi anyone,

I already setting the topology following this instruction Topology and Root Cause Analysis User Guide 8.0 and I use default value for each configuration.

I can discover the device and found 57 devices (router + computer).

But when I open the relationship viewer, my pointer always show loading icon.

I already wait for more than15 hours but it still loading.

How to fix / troubleshoot this issue?


My topology agent log shows nothing.


My relationship viewer probe log

Jan 27 12:49:02:345 [main, relationship_services] ****************[ Starting ]****************

Jan 27 12:49:02:346 [main, relationship_services] 1.70

Screenshot Relationship viewer

2016-01-28 09_24_31-relationship-viewer.png

Thank you in advance,