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SOAP Client with REST Endpoint

Question asked by on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by kange05

Hi, I have a requirement wherein my client would be sending requests to the gateway through SOAP. My Endpoint has been migrated to REST. The challenge now is that we will not be able to ask the existing clients to change anything from their end for time being so that they will continue to send XML requests over SOAP to the gateway and would expect an XML response back. We will have to transform that SOAP request into JSON in the gateway and send it to the REST endpoint. Likewise we will have to transform the JSON response back into XML before sending it to the client over SOAP. I know that we could use CA ASO for this but this is a very temporary situation and will be required only for a few clients. I have already asked a similar question, but it was a SOAP endpoint/REST client scenario. So, here are my questions. 1) How do I go about and implement this in the gateway? 2) Should I publish a SOAP service or REST service to handle this? 3) What kind of transformations should I use? Basically, any advise/method which will provide a solution for the above scenario is welcome. Thanks in advance!