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IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) Integration

Question asked by acreek on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

I saw a thread on integration with IBM's Rational Suite using Web Services.  We have that Suite, but are interested with integrating with RTC in particular.

  1. 1.  Has anyone integrated with the Team Concert portion of that Suite for time tracking? Our developers enter task/work time in RTC (Rational Team Concert), and we are wanting to extract that time info and load into CA PPM so that our developers do not have to enter their time twice (1x in RTC and a second time in CA PPM).  This would not only save time, but hopefully also avoid user errors in data entry.
  2. 2. If so, did you use Web Services?  What issues did you encounter, if any? 
  3. 3. Pros and cons of this integration? (Are there so many issues that we just stay with everyone just keying in info in both systems).

Note:  I realize a number of companies out there use Jira, Version 1, etc., which are more commongly integrated with CA PPM,  but those tools are not an option for us right now.  RTC is it.