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Is it possible to disable Stall tracking for a single java class, instead of disabling stall tracking entirely or skipping the entire class?

Question asked by Kittamaru on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Florian_Cheval

We are running into an issue where a 2 minute AJAX function is being reported as a stall every single time (since it exceeds the 30 second time frame).

As a result, our live error viewer is filled with these "false stalls".


However, the other metrics (average response time, concurrent invocations, etc) are still useful to us, so skipping the particular class entirely is less than ideal. We also make use of the stalls metric in other places, so we don't want to disable stall tracking entirely, nor can we change the time frame.


If I'm reading correctly, it appears the BlamePointTracer is responsible for Average Response Time, Concurrent Invocations, Errors Per Interval, Responses Per Interval, and Stall Count. Is it possible to omit this particular class from JUST the stall count metrics? If so, how is this accomplished?


Thanks for your assistance!