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How do YOU update Workshift information for holidays, when Events are already under way, in SDM/ITSM?

Question asked by Kyle_R Employee on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Kyle_R

Hello Everyone,


Got a question, which you may be able to help out on, especially those bigger sites which run a lot of Events and Workshifts.


How do you keep the Workshifts updated, when there are already Events under way?



It is 1st May and your government has just declared a special surprise public holiday on May 2nd.


You already have several thousands Events in Animator which were going to fall due on May 2nd, but now with the public holiday, should be deferred 24 hours until May 3rd.


Changing the Workshift is not an issue - you go in and do that.


But what about the existing Animator entries? Does anyone use a script to update these?
(Bonus points if you're willing to share.)


You may manually "Defer" the Event by going into each ticket. However, this is a lot of administration work if there are a large number of tickets.


Thanks, Kyle_R.

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