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Websphere Probe connection setup

Question asked by Rob_B. on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by yasal01

For a SOAP connection from a Windows server that requires an SSL cert, what is the location of where the cert needs to be installed to establish the secure connection?

This is a connection for discovering the Nodes in the webshpere environment on Solaris sparc 64 machines port 8880 etc...

WAS Version     

UIM 8.3.1 installed on VMware windows server 2012 r2


I found a document on how to add a Cert for weblogic using the raw config with IM does anyone know how or have they done this? to add the server SSL cert for the Webshpere probe?

The soap connection tries to establish but because the SSL cert is not installed it fails and none of the metrics are being monitored.