Updated and Retired APM/ASM/Exec Insight KBs for January 2016

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Feb 1, 2016


1. Steps to Take Before and After Upgrading SiteMinder components monitored by Wily Siteminder Manager  TEC534108


2. Aggregate metrics for SiteminderManager are not showing up in the SiteminderManagerAgent. TEC534159


3. Deploying Various SMM Components in a Cluster. TEC534160


4. Using EEM with LDAP, unable to login to CEM as an LDAP user that was added to the required APM CEM group in EEM. TEC1870648


5. How to increase the viewable limit of events in Historical Query Viewer in Workstation and webview? TEC1254735


6. "[WARN] [PO:main Mailman 1] [Manager.LoadBalancer] LoadBalancerBean: getCollectorReconnectList(...) failed to determine MOM socket port for socketType=default and # of entries in fMOMSocketInfos=0; using default momPort=5001" TEC1259688


7. Seeing alert: "Could not query: read past EOF." TEC1126042


8. CA BRTM Supports XHR Frameworks? TEC1098332


9. The "Database Only" upgrade of the Postgres DB from APM 10.0 to 10.1 completes successfully but breaks the database install TEC1377599

10. Which versions of APM 10 are compatible with MTP 10.3? TEC1643212



11. Postgres install error message: "Unable to write inside TEMP environment variable path." TEC1088808


12. In 9.7, the "returned to normal" status alert email does not include agent or metric info, nor is the user able to identify what agents and metrics have been back to the normal state. TEC1319253


13. Historical trace information not available  TEC1797307


14. A MTP-APM TIM Release Compatibility List. TEC1241257


15. LDAP integration for authentication fails with error code 49, data 52e TEC1135548


16. Application errors when instrumenting SharePoint TEC1445538


17. Startup parameters to allow Java Agent and IBM Cognos 10.2 to start.


18. JBoss Appserver with APM Java Agent installed failed to start up with java.lang.NoClassDefFound error for com/wily/introscope/agent/AgentShim TEC1469987


19. Why I could no longer find the PowerpackForWebSphere_Agent.jar in the APM 9.x/10.x installation binaries as per the instructions in the APM User Guide? TEC597677


20.  Discontinuity on graphs seen on CA-Introscope  TEC1454464



1. TEC1718387 APM 10.1 Team Center was installed but displaying a blank page
2. TEC576355 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM
3. TEC576356 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM
4. TEC576359 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM
5. TEC576354 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM
6. TEC572508 What APM 9.1 software components do I need to download to implement my required functionality.
7. TEC572498 Live HTTP Sessions Count metric can product negative values under z/OS WebSphere 6.1.
8.TEC576357 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM
9. TEC576277 CA APM Technical Advisory: Introscope Enterprise Manager Deadlock Issue
10. TEC576349 PATCH::What was fixed in
11. TEC576351 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM
12. TEC576353 PATCH:: What was fixed in APM
13. TEC1089484 aa
14. TEC1830284 Can Introscope help me detect methods that are in loops?
15. TEC1869302 Configuring agents to report fewer Socket metrics
16. TEC1389026 After configuring the Java agent with Confluence Wiki some confluence plugins are not longer working.
17. TEC1481847  CLWorkstation Question
18. TEC1089151 Running Antivirus programs with APM


19. TEC1603533 Warning Flag in the Metric Connector from CA EI with SOI connector

20. TEC1127632  Measuring your CPU Speed EM
21. TEC1562825
With the additional support for TLS 1.1/1.2 in APM TIM 10.x and 9.6/9.7 Hot Fixes what are their supported ciphersuites.