Tech Tip: How to Enable Jaspersoft Scheduled Report Output to FTP (On Premise Only)

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By default, when Jaspersoft server is installed with Clarity PPM, you will not be able to schedule the reports' output to be exported to FTP. This option is disabled by default.

The only available option by default is Output to Repository:



However, for On Premise customers, it is possible to enable back the option to export to FTP.


To do this, you have to follow the steps below:


1. Connect to your Jaspersoft server and open the following file with a text editor:


2. Find and uncomment the section that refers to Output to FTP (ftpServerOutput). 
If you're on PPM 14.3 it's located at line 396.
If you're on PPM 14.2 it's located at line 367.

To uncomment, you have to remove the following symbols:


Quick example:

<li id="ftpServerOutput" class="leaf">
</li> -->

has to become:

<li id="ftpServerOutput" class="leaf">

You may also uncomment the testConnection button for the ftp, which comes just after the ftpServerOutput section in the file.  These are including the comment in the tag itself, see below how to uncomment it:


<!--fieldset id="testConnection" class="group inputSet">

has to become:

<fieldset id="testConnection" class="group inputSet">

For more information on how exactly to do it, please refer to the attached file.


3. Once you uncomment the sections, please save the file and restart the Tomcat service. Repeat for all the servers in Jaspersoft cluster. This will enable the Output to FTP.



Once you have enabled the Output to FTP with the steps above,to schedule the report, please do the following:

1. Connect to PPM - go to Advanced Reporting
2. Select a report, right-click to Schedule
3. Click Create Schedule
4. Go to Output Options

You will now have the following option to fill in and use (and you also have a Test Connection button to ensure it will work):


You may schedule your reports and find the output in the FTP directory of your choice.



Hope this helps.




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