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Clarity PPM Budget Plan Approved By

Question asked by johle07 Employee on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by navzjoshi00

Clarity PPM 14.2 patch 4.


I have a setup where a process is triggered when a Cost Plan is submitted.

This process sends out Action Items. If/when one of the Action Items are approved, the process moves forward and approves the Budget Plan.


Ususall you can assume that the user resigstered as last updated by was also the approver of the Budget.

This assumption is invalid when a process approves the budget.

The process changes the state to "approved" using the INITIATOR of the process.

This is not very convenient for auditing purposes.


This process uses system actions to change the status of the Budget Plan.

We could use XOG, but it becomes a little too complicated to just change the status and it also seems you cannot set last updated by with the Budget Plan XOG.


So can it really be that there is no "approved by" functionality on budgets?

And does this really have to be so complicated that i need to get the approver from the DB, looking up who responded what to which AI's ?