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wspcol,wsptbl tables sync with original schema

Question asked by AnjaneyaRajuE on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by AnjaneyaRajuE

Hi Experts,


I have created few tables and columns by modifying wsp.altercol,wsp.altertbl,ddict.sch,wsp.mods,wspschema.sch files where as i used to replace these files and run pdm_publish command.


everything went fine and the tables,columns were visible in web screen painter, the problem i see is there were no entries found in wspcol,wsptbl tables in database for the newly created objects via file modifications.


how can i sync those tables with the tables and columns information , please help.


I have Tried with pdm_wspupd command but that doesnt worked for me because the command syncs only columns available  wspcol table and compare with wsp_schema.sch and update.