CA PPM Tech Tip: Role's Availability

Discussion created by Connie_Fu on Feb 3, 2016
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For a generic role added to a project team, allocation can be set to represent role Demand and answer the question: “how many total hours are needed to do this job function for this investment?


When it comes to availability of a generic role, since there are multiple actual resources in the system that can have the same role as their Primary Role, we are really looking for an answer to “who in the company can fill the role needed on the investment, and what are their availability”, rather than simply “who from the existing investment team has this role”.


In another word, a role’s availability is the aggregation from all named resources that have this role as their Primary Role. Therefore we would look for its information not in the “Resource Availability” field, but “Aggregated (Resource) Availability”. The word Aggregated would be a key indicator of whether information from a generic role will be included.


In this example, I have:

  • Albus Dumbledore is a labor resource, his Primary Role is Architect, has 8 hours availability, no calendar exception.
  • Architect is a generic labor role, has 6 hours availability, and for the week of January 25 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have been marked as non-work day. So for the week of January 25 2016 an Architect is available for 12 hours: 6 hours on Thursday and 6 hours on Friday.


On this project Albus Dumbledore is staffed but and we have changed his Investment Role to CEO.



On the project’s team detail page ‘Resource Availability’ is empty for the Architect role:


On the Team > Role Capacity page we have a field called Aggregated Availability:


Allocation for the Architect role comes from Architect staffed on the team: 6 hours on Thursday and 6 from Friday;

Aggregated Availability for the Architect role comes from entire PPM active resource pool: there are 3 active resources that have this role. Each of them has a normal 8 hours day, 40 hours week, aggregated up to 120 hours for the week.

(there is a 4th resource that has the Architect role, but is Inactive. Notice the Active filter above is set to Active)


Looking at Mr. Dumbledore’s contribution to the TSV, his allocation to the team is tied with his investment role of CEO, therefore his 40 hours of allocation on the team is shown with the role CEO. His availability to the entire organization is tied with his Primary Role of Architect, so his 40 hours availability is part of the 120 hours aggregated role availability along with two other resources.


It gets more interesting when we look at these information in a Portfolio, look for a future Tech Tip for that!


Big thanks to Kathryn_Ellis and Maria_Whiteside for collaborating on testing and a great discussion that prompted the creation of this Tech Tip!