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Automate file downloads from Clarity PPM

Question asked by gbritton on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by gbritton

I need to automate a daily download of a file from Clarity. The manual process is:


1. From the Clarity PPM Home page. I click on Home and a menu pops up. 

2. From that menu, under the Data Extraction sub-menu. I select Data Extraction dashboard.

3. The Data Extraction dashboard me to a list of files that I can select to view or download.

4. I select one or more files

5. I scroll to the bottom of the page

6. I click the download button


I need to implement an automatic download. That could be in a .NET program, a SQL Server Integration Services package, an FTP job or anything else really. My requirement is to move this from a manual process to one that is completely hands-free.


FYI Our Clarity PPM version as reported by the About page is 09 04