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Service Catalog AND PAM Entegration Problem

Question asked by melis.yazici on Feb 4, 2016
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When I run this command Im getting error. Can you please help?



C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\bin\safex>safex.exe -u EiamAdmin -p EaimAdminPassword -h EEMServerIP -f "C:\\Program Files\\CA\\Service Catalog\\scripts\\EIAM\\issueITPAMCertificatePEM.xml" -sdkconfig "C:\\Program Files\\CA\\Service Catalog\\eiam.config"



Here is the result:


Setting Translation

Setting back end to ""


Setting locale to "en_us"


OK:Successfully Authenticated

OK: action[Attach] with ApplicationInstance label[Process Automation]


Current XML file location: line 3 column 162

error: action[IssueCertificate] object[none] WriteCertificate

Safe Error: [EE_BADOBJECT Bad Object]

Debug [CertificateWriter::writeToPEM - Unable to write PEM Certificate]

OK: action[Modify] performed on object[User] name[/Users/CERT-Process Automation]

OK: action[Detach] from ApplicationInstance label[Process Automation]

Encountered [1] error(s) processing XML data.

OK:Total objects Added 0

OK:Total objects Modified 1

OK:Total objects Removed 0

OK:Total objects Skipped 0

OK:Total objects Exported 0


C:\Program Files\CA\Service Catalog\bin\safex>



Thanks For Your Helps!!!