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PIM: Transitioned Communication Password Change

Question asked by TheQuietMan on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Lluis_Domenech

Is anyone able to change the communication password in the PIM ENTM without resorting to a knife-edge cut over?


We have a requirement to change the communication password periodically. I understand this will impact all PIM components (ENTM, DS, Proxy and Agents). It seems if we need to change the password, any endpoints that uses this password will not be able to communicate until that  endpoint is updated.

Depending on the number of endpoints, this change could last beyond our change window and even into normal working hours.


Is there a way to transition over to a new password while keeping the endpoints communicating?


One of the ways we do our other applications is to have a second account and password. We would then re-point the clients to the second account and password. Then at a future time, we could switch back to the original account but with a new password.


This would allow us to transition over in a timely manner with the ability to revert to a known working account.


However, this requires knowing the account and password being used and knowing where it is configure. Also, I assume we would need to creae this alternate account in the JCS or Message Queue as well..


Any other ideas or is anyone else see this as a concern?