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CA API Gateway and cache management capabilities

Question asked by Nicolas Afonso Employee on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by Stephen_Hughes

Dear community,


Today I have some quesitons about how the Gateway manage its cache feature.


My motivation is simple : I already have some services which use cache functionnality in production, and I am developping more ones. I know gateway is caching data into RAM memory, using allocated space for the gateway java process.


The main point is : how Gateway handle the case when no more space is available ? How the solution isolate / protect the main gateway controller process from being affected by cache fulfillment ?Is there an automatic flush which is implemented on older cache entries for all caches / a complete cache id flush ? Or gateway we simply refuses to cache more entries ?

Finally is it there a way I can be natively alerted when such case occur ?


Next set of questions is about cache monitoring of the solution.

I am aware that the solution does not provide a way to know excatly which entities are cached.

Nevertheless is there a manner for easily monitoring the evolution of the cache part of ram consumption from the global gtw process ?


And to conclude what are CA advises for a clean, safe and Industrial way of using the native cache management funtionnalities of your solution?


Thank you for your feedback