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How to apply match script on incoming request?

Question asked by akshay_3089 on Feb 9, 2016
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Hi ,


Below is the scenario:-


  • We have recorded two requests, request1 and request2. Both requests are part of same VSI and sharing same operation name.
  • Each request has separate response , so when incoming request is request1 then it should return only response1 also applies to request2.
  • Only way to differentiate between two requests is  , one argument i.e segRef_2 is  present only in request1 not in request2.
  • Based on that , We wrote match script under request1 , to validate if(count(segRef_2)!=0) then return true else return to request2.


Could you please guide me on how  to redirect to request2 when match script returns false in request1.