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APM DB upgrade from to

Question asked by Mikel.Osinalde Employee on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by strgu01

Hi all,


I have a customer who wants to upgrade an old APM database to the latest release

Unfortunately he is having many issues there, because during the upgrade of EM and postgres (8.3.12 to 9.2.9), plenty of errors showed up in the em.log and other logs.


Then he I tried several scenarios in a test environment, no one leading to a success.

*** Scenario 1:
1. db install of with EM installer
2. restore backup to Postgres
Tables and more got already created so I cannot restore the old versioned db without errors.

*** Scenario 2:

1. Create backup (logged in as DB superuser wily):
  ~> pg_dump -h $DBHOST -p $DBPORT apmdb > apmdb.sql
2. DB install of with EM installer

3. Rename the superuser 'postgres' to 'wily'
4. Drop DB apmdb
  postgres=# DROP DATABASE apmdb;
5. Create and empty DB apmdb with owner apmdbadm.
  postgres=# CREATE DATABASE apmdb OWNER apmdbadm;

6. setup db user as it was with old installation
7. Restore database from old versioned DB
  ~> psql -h $DBPHOST -p $DBPORT apmdb < apmdb.sql

8. upgrade EM

At this point, EM is, DB is new with restored data BUT is missing appmap tables and possibly more which is required by new version of DB
9. Upgrade database schema or create new database schema
This part ends with "apmdb already exists and is not a valid database."


We are considering to discard the old database and start with a new one from scratch, because they are not using CEM.

But my only question is, can the Team Center draw any data from a historical APM database at all?

Does customer benefit from restoring an older DB assuming they are not using CEM?


Thanks and regards,