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Attach comment via email to a CHG ?

Question asked by ijreis on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by J_W

Hello, good evening!


We need to implement this option on our CA SDM environment.

Using the same procedure as we already have to CR object, this is not working ...


For CR we have a tag on MSG template: %REQUEST_ID=@{call_req_id.ref_num}

on text_api.cfg its " REQUEST.REQUEST_ID=ref_num.STRING "


Using the same method, to Change, we have:


on text_api.cfg its defined as "CHANGE.CHANGE_ID=chg_ref_num.STRING".


Although, when reply to the Email received, a new Request is being opened instead of attach the email to the respective CHANGE ORDER.



any idea?