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Mapping other CIs values for “Affected Service” field

Question asked by eduardo.lagrave on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by eduardo.lagrave

Hi boys!


Incidents ticket implements “Affected Service” field and it's linked to “Enterprise Services” CIs.


So, i'm tryinmg to use the same field to mapping other class/families CIs without a new custom field.


This is issue when using “Affected Service” field to mapping other CIs:
- By Schema Designer this field using a “cr.affected_service::check_family()” trigger, to ensure input “Enterprise Services” CIs values.


The idea is dont use a new custom field.


-- how can manage this field/trigger to let specify another class/family CIs in “Affected Service” field? or,
-- how can do to modify this function or replace it to another new, to let specify another class or familt CIs?


Best regards!