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Lookups as Calculated Fields - in Domain Designer (JasperServer)

Question asked by ronnieroberts on Feb 11, 2016
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Hi guys,

I'm working in Domain Designer and I'm trying to pull from a lookup table and I'm pretty sure I can do it via Calculated Fields tab.  We have a ton of lookups that all come out of the same table and are differentiated with a LOOKUP_CODE attribute.  I've figured out how to make the correct results display but I have to create a derived table for each field which seems like I'm doing it wrong.  Bare with me as we're quite new to this and I'm trying to become our SME.



Table: Lookups



Table: Projects



Based on the wiki, it would appear that using the Domain Expression Language, I would need a calculated field with Lookups.LOOKUP_NAME where Lookups.LOOKUP_TYPE == 'approval_state' and Projects.Approval_State == Lookups.LOOKUP_ENUM should work, but I can't get it to give me any messages aside from Cannot evaluate expression.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



Ronnie Roberts - DIRECTV


PS: For the eagle eyed among you, this may look familiar, and it is.  This was also asked on  but I have yet to receive any answers.


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