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Where are Snapshots in the SQL DB tables

Question asked by jrlammon on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by jrlammon

We take snapshots on a regular basis, and run reports against them.

We have a number of snapshots (about 10-15) that we see in the IdMgr GUI when running reports.

Does anyone know where the snapshot entry itself (not the snapshot data) is located in the SQL database tables ?

Which table?

We have looked in the Reports database, and see the imrptsnapshots12 table, but that is not it.

We have also looked in the IM database, and reviewed the SNAPSHOT_TYPE and SNAPSHOT_TYPE_LD tables, and that is not it either.


Is there an architecture diagram of how IdMgr snapshots work?

Which tables contain the snapshot entries?