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how to find out the malfunctioning metrics on a clamped agent?

Question asked by pivst01 Employee on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by DavidLewis

Hi All,


is there any way how to spot the malfunctioning metrics on a clamped agent?


the agent shows just ~1500 normally used metrics at the moment and there is no hint to any malfunctioning metric category.


unfortunately, i couldnt find any command to list all the (historical) metrics for a specific agent via smartstortool.


so my issue is that if i dont know the malfunctioning metrics, i cant delete them and they'll keep in the smartsore till introscope.enterprisemanager.smartstor.tier3.age, so no new metrics can be displayed/sent from this agent.


and to delete the whole agent is not the wanted solution, better i'd like to find some general solution that could be applied in the future as well.


any idea how to proceed please?


thank you,