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Best practice to handle dynamic responses?

Question asked by poca on Feb 16, 2016
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We have a particular case, where we need to process the request in order to determine and construct the response.


In the request we have 1 to n different keys, that are valid (existing) or not.

Out of the valid keys we need to identify the distinct ones...

The response should then consist of all the distinct keys, each paired with some dummy-data.






        <img:id>123456</img:id> <!-- does exist -->



        <img:id>999999</img:id> <!-- does NOT exist -->








<v1:getListResponse xmlns:v1="http://...">


        <v11:image  xmlns:v11="http://...">








What's the best practice to handle such dynamic cases? How and where would you construct the response?

Thanks in advance!!