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Disable edit option in list page

Question asked by kvrao on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by kvrao

Hi Team,


In CA Servicedesk 14.1v, I have created one custom table (z_app) and realted columns like productname, version etc and loaded data into that.


I have created custom detail and list htmpl (detail_z_app.htmpl and list_z_app.htmpl) under menubar.htmpl of analyst and published


Everything looks fine. but the list_z_app.htmpl on the web interface of analyst when I right clicked a column called name it is showing edit, view options.


I want to disable edit option on the list_z_app.htmpl page when I right click on to disable this.


As this is a custom table and custom form not able to create 'functional access' type on custom table to restrict the edit permissions.


any help on how we can restricting 'edit' option when right click on list_z_app.htmpl file for analyst.


Thank you.