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What date format is returned when extracting Launch Time via wsdl and how do I convert it to MySQL time

Question asked by davevdm on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Hallett_German

So I extract some agent information on an hourly basis and put it in a MySQL db using a soap connector and a reusable function for multiple metrics, listed below

when I get the metric for Launch Time it returns a 13 char number




        function getlivemetric($soapclient, $agentRegex, $metricRegex)


                $response = $soapclient->getLiveMetricData($agentRegex, $metricRegex);

                foreach($response as $key => $timesl) {

                        foreach( $timesl->metricData as $srv => $values ) {

                                $agentName = $values->agentName;

                                $metricName = $values->metricName;

                                $metricValue = $values->metricValue;

                                RecordLiveMetric($agentName, $metricName, $metricValue);





So I'm looking to convert launch time into a date format I can record into MySQL