Integration Rules You Need to Know, with the former Director of Clarity SWAT

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Make CA PPM integrations smooth when you join Josh Leone and Dave Matzdorf on Thursday, February 18th at 12:00PM EST. In this webinar, the entertaining duo will cover the technical aspects of integrations without the technical language.

Josh Leone, VP of Engineering, Technology, and Innovation and the former Director of Clarity SWAT at CA, says there's several big topics to cover, including common integrations, integration methods, or "the basics of how it's done," and tools for On Demand and On Premise integrations.

Dave Matzdorf, Rego's Chief Architect, has written hundreds of portlets and reports with special emphasis on performance. He's looking forward to discussing "the great divide, or the physical separation" as it relates to Agile integrations, Financials, and what to watch out for with SaaS.

They've both been asked countless times, "Have you ever integrated with PeopleSoft, Oracle, JIRA, Rally, fill-in-the-blank?" You'll be pleased by their answers and the standard methods Financial and Agile systems share.

Both business users and technical users can benefit from regoUniversity | CA PPM Integration Rules You Need to Know, and you can submit questions in advance on Twitter via #regoconsulting, on Facebook via /regoconsulting, or by email to

The webinar will be available On Demand following the live broadcast. Reserve your seat here. And receive CA PPM training at the largest, dedicated conference in the world when you register for the annual regoUniversity in Tempe, April 25-27.

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