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How Survey works

Question asked by mohansrinivas on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by Lindsay_Estabrooks

Hello All,


CASD 12.7


I would like to know how survey works on SD. On the close activity notification type survey has been configured and we haven't filled the default survey template instead we have tagged the survey forms in the REQ/INC/PROB areas.


I have seen SD  sending survey form properly for few tickets(INC/REQ) when it is closed and those tickets reported by L1 team alone not for all tickets. Am unable to find whether any condition has been in place to  restrict surveys or is this an OOTB feature. Please advise.



Please answer for the below questions:

  1. What are the tickets qualify for Survey
  2. All tickets created by L1 team alone or end user tickets or system generated tickets or all of them
  3.   Will all tickets send survey or is there any restriction