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PAM 2.5.x Access page/device link no action

Question asked by walro21 Employee on Feb 18, 2016

OK just heard from Support, this is a Known issue to be fixed.


When clicking on a device and nothing happens, you must be sure your Applets are re-signed with the VIP FQDN

Then Manifest file holds the domain name and can only handle around 25 chars


the scenario: users go in using VIP FQDN, no problem, but Admins go directly to an appliance since usually they are fixing/setting-up something.

when the admins try to connect to a device from the access page nothing happens


Java added a security feature to applets to match server name against applet server name

we tried adding VIP FQDN with each appliance name in the "Xsuite Domain" field

if you go over 25 chars, editor will make 2 lines

Then when you replace, the second line wouldn’t be updated leaving the file corrupted.


For right now, you MUST use the VIP FQDN

FIX in future release: will allow you to use VIP FQDN and Appliance names to access PAM