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Workload Automation :  Logon Failure

Question asked by Stampede on Feb 18, 2016
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I'm having trouble getting my Workload Automation:AutoSys install running, I was wondering if anyone could point me to resources or a solution to this problem.


When I log into my Workload Automation dashboard in WCC, and I try to run a basic command from the Enterprise Command Line I get an error thrown that the command could not be executed. Error: "Logon Failure: unknown user name or bad password". Now this is weird because the user is an admin user, with full rights and my dashboard says my Workload Automation server is up. 

  When I run the same command on the Workload Automation server itself it runs fine. It seems like there is some sort of permissions hiccup between WCC and the Workload Automation server.


  Any thoughts? Is this a common error? I'm new to CA Workload Automation so I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.