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Question asked by anixon on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by Michael Mueller

I am trying to create a query with a list of Assignees by UUID.  If I create a query for just 1 Assignee it's fine, but if I try to add multiples I get the following error message:  AHD05772:Bad where clause.  Quotes around strings in Stored Queries must be escaped using the '\' character.  This is the query I'm getting the error message for:  assignee IN (U\'9FE33165A891FE49A52F6FE9BCB7A98D\', U'\880348FB5AB619489FF442EE6D7056D3\', U'\D0C67C61F6D03541BCF43275C39639F5\', U'\5D118805071CE0408D3F01CD0581F7F7\', U'\D278338AFE727A41AD00F72C6B6BC0BE\', U'\12E01EEE9A8B8F429BECEB15B253266B\') AND active = 1


I'm sure there is something in the syntax that I can't figure out, so any help would be appreciated.