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Error PRJ-07536 Running Delete Investments Job - Trying to Delete Applications

Question asked by hcook on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by Dave_3.0

We have 8 applications that are marked for deletion, but I can't get the job to process them. I receive this error: "PRJ-07536: An error ocurred while attempting to delete one or more projects in the background scheduler. Please, refer to the log for details."


Nothing else in our environment is marked for Deletion that I can find (checked both Projects and Programs). We're an OnDemand environment running 14.2.


I found this checklist but I've checked all of this and I'm still getting an error.

     Please make sure that:

1. The investment is inactive.

2. The investment contains no WIP entries.

3. The investment contains no non-zero time entries.

4. The Financial Properties Status is set to "Closed".

5. There are no process instances attached to this investment or tasks on the investment

6. There are no requisitions attached to this investment.

7. There is not a Participant Group on the project.


Any ideas? Screen shots of settings and team below. THANK YOU in advance!