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Access to Projects and resources in Jaspersoft

Question asked by Patricio.Guarda on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by vtleogal2

Hi guys!

  We're facing a weird issue on Jaspersoft and I hope you can give us a hand.

   We've followed all instructions given in the documentation for installing and successfully configure Jaspersoft, yet users are not accessing projects nor resources in the filters in Jaspersoft's reports. The only user accessing this information is admin, and with this user reports get executed as expected.

   Basically users that can access projects in Clarity can't access them in Jaspersoft.

We have successfully run all of the jobs in the "Run the Data Warehouse Jobs" section in the install document:

Create and Update Jaspersoft Users

Time Slicing

Load Data Warehouse

Load Data Warehouse Access Rights


  And still users can't get access to projects in Jaspersoft.

Do users need some kind of special access set in Clarity before running the access rights job?

These users have the Advance reporting access needed:

Advanced Reporting - Navigate

Advanced Reporting - Administer



Kind regards