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Storing Filters in Array

Question asked by Jagadish.kotagiri on Feb 22, 2016



In my test case I have 4 different services ( restful) connected to make an end to end flow. I need to filter 5-6 values from each service and store them in an array and use those values from an array to pass to another service ( final service) to complete the flow. Here I need to loop this 5 times and in each loop the filtered values will have a different value, say I will pass all the filtered values from 4 different services to a request. similarly when I loop for the 2nd time the filters will have a different values . Basically I want to have only 1 filter and that filter has to store different values for each loop.


For Ex: I need to store  SKU1 and Price1 in 1 st loop, SKU2 and Price2 in 2nd loop and so on so forth. the filter name will remain as "SKU" and "Price" but the values should change per loop. Any ideas please.