Tip: After ITSM 14.1 C2, patch to fix change Assignees being limited ONLY to Group lookup

Discussion created by Kyle_R Employee on Feb 22, 2016
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Hello Everyone,


We don't normally push out notification of a minor T-patch, but as I've received a few questions on this one, you should add it to your checklist if thinking of installing the ITSM 14.1 Cumulative Patch 2.


In short, it puts back the "normal behaviour" that when you do a search against a ticket's Assignee, that on the second search you can search for all Contacts without being limited to just those "Contacts who are part of the Group."


Please see CA Support and paste the URL from this post into your issue if you require this patch. Request "Patch for Problem USRD 3444."

NOTE: It will likely be written up into a future Cumulative Patch anyway, if this is not a pressing concern for your site.



PROB #:  3444      FN: T56H084    FT: D33        DATE:    29 Dec 2015



                 After applying second set of cumulative patches

                 for Service Desk Manager r14.1, if the Group

                 field in a ticket is already filled, the

                 selection in Affected End User field will be

                 restricted to the contacts of the group.


                 Steps to Reproduce:


                 1. Login to ServiceDesk. Create a new Group.

                 2. Update with few contacts to the group created

                 in Step1.

                 3. Create a new ticket and fill the group in the

                 detail page.

                 4. Click on the 'Affected End User' lookup field.




                 Only the contacts present in the group are

                 displayed instead of displaying all possible




Thanks, Kyle_R.