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14.3 Load Data Warehouse job failing

Question asked by Owen_R on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by thiagonovaesbarbosa


We are having issues getting a successful first run of the Load Data Warehouse job (v.


We have done the necessary pre-configuration (set up dblink, database, currency, entity and successful timeslicing run) but each time we run it fails trying to execute some early delete SQL




We have looked at this post which also mentions the same issue but we can't get any further.  We do have a support case open but wanted to ask the wider community for ideas.

The table referenced is definitely there:


We haven't configured Jaspersoft in to our environment at all yet as we want to get a working data warehouse first, so it's not a Jasper issue (unless there's an undocumented dependency we don't know about!)

Thanks for any help as usual.