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Refresh screen without saving

Question asked by ConanLam on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by jmayer

Hi all,


I found this function in detail_macro. Just wondering if it is possible to use it on other detail page.


function refresh_screen_without_saving(select_obj) { 
  var f = window.document.forms["main_form"];
  f.MACRO_TYPE.value = select_obj.value;
  <PDM_IF 0>
  Calling detail_save() to submit everything to freeaccess. Note in this case I am restrict the 
  save from happening if REFRESH_AND_STAY_EDIT.value is set to 1 in the freeaccess code, It just refreshes the screen.
  Note also that it hold all the values in the fields on the form prior to the refresh
  // The variable KEEP.BHVNOTIFY_MANY_SELECTED is also set to 1 in freeaccess


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