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PAM 3.1 slow performance

Question asked by milan.ziga on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by milan.ziga

We are running PAM Version: 3.1 SP01 Build: 3.1.137 CP12 HF02.  The system have worked correctly for a few years. A few days ago our PAM started suffer from performance issue. PAM use mail trigger for accessing mailbox and processes incoming mail messages. Every day PAM processes about 10 000 emails. If PAM works correctly it is able to process one email every 2-5 seconds. After a few hours of correct behavior then suddenly its performance goes down and then it is able to process one or two emails per minute. There is no errors in c2o.log. During slow performance RAM and CPU usage is not higher than when is system works correctly, HDD has a lot of free space. EEM is running on the same server. EEM is integrated with Active Directory.

Other symptom is that I can change domain configuration without problem with exception that I’m not able to save any configuration changes in mail trigger on domain level, every attempt to save the changes cause that mouse just shows sandglass.

I’ve tried to delete Archived Instances via PAM web interface or via SQL

delete from  c2oworkflowsArchive

delete from dbo.C2ORuntimeObjectsArch

Mostly restart of PAM service is not enough and I have to restart also EEM services. I cannot find any error in EEM logs.

Can somebody help find the way how to troubleshoot such problem?