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Does a client's lifetime extend in MAG?

Question asked by Jokerr on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Jokerr

We have a MAG setup with a Client X.  Client X is marked as a MAG Master Key client so the expiration is set to never expire.  Using Client X's client id we then register multiple sub clients using the dynamic_client_credentials, register_device, and request_token APIs.  The sub clients use our APIs, access tokens expire and they use the refresh token to get new ones.  The expiration of the sub client seems to be static while the access/refresh tokens roll off.  Eventually the times would overlap and the client_id and client_secret expire.


Does the expiration sub clients ever increase?  If so, where is this configured?  If not, is the expectation that the sub clients get new client_id and client_secret by calling the dynamic_client_credentials API again but passing in the device-identifier header?