How can I return values from 'Execute Script' step to 'ParseTextAsResponse' step

Discussion created by DevTestUser on Feb 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Rick.Brown

In VSM, after listening request, I am adding execute step  to capture client request and some code for timestamp capture


sample working code is as below..

SimpleDateFormat timestampFormat = new SimpleDateFormat ("MMM dd YYYY" +  "  : " +   "HH:mm:ss");

Date currentTimestamp = new Date();

String myDate = timestampFormat.format(currentTimestamp);


After execute script step response, I am adding 'ParseTextAsResponse' step, there I am trying put everything I want to log,..


LISA Client Request for LISA Client Key

EMAIL  = {{request_EmailAddress}}





Here I have returned timestamp value for 'myDate' which is not acting as property (it is not displaying timestamp in log rather it is printing as {{myDate}} only }}


so how can I access the values stored in these variable as LISA properties so that I can use it any step in VSM....


Even {{request_EmailAddress}} is also not printing the email recived from client request.. but  I have put a filter in first step of VSM itself to capture this value from client request.