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regex excluding metrics that can be defined just with several lines

Question asked by pivst01 Employee on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by Hallett_German

Hi All,



is it possible to create a metric grouping with regex excluding metrics that can be defined just with several lines?


we need to create 1 metric group group over ~5.000 metrics, where the agent and the beginning of the metric group is the same, but we need to exclude around ~4000 metrics.


FYI: from general metric group that can be defined with regex

Queue Managers\|mqmgr|CUSTOMER\|Queues\|(.*)\|Status:Current Queue Depth

we need to exclude some metrics that can be defined by another regex

Queue Managers\|mqmgr|CUSTOMER\|Queues\|SYSTEM\.EVENT(.*)\|Status:Current Queue Depth

Queue Managers\|mqmgr|CUSTOMER\|Queues\|SYSTEM\.ADMIN(.*)\|Status:Current Queue Depth

Queue Managers\|mqmgr|CUSTOMER\|Queues\|CUSTOMER\.WS_CONTEXT(.*)\|Status:Current Queue Depth

Queue Managers\|mqmgr|CUSTOMER\|Queues\|CUSTOMER\.QL\.FIL\.(.*)\|Status:Current Queue Depth

+40 more


100 other unique metrics that cant be defined with regex, but need to be excluded,


how can be this done or whats you idea/best practice/recommendation please?


is there some way to create a metric group and filter ~500metrics from all metrics (~10.000)?

= we need exclude some general types from them and in addition some specific ones as well?



thank you,