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mdb upgrade for Catalog r12.5 to r12.9

Question asked by Shovan_Das-QTSIN on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Manirul_Hak

Hi All,


We have client that was using CA Service Desk r12.5 and Service Catalog r12.5. After few years, client moved to PMG Catalog and kept using CA Service Desk.

In this period, CA Service Desk was upgraded till r12.9 in phases i.e. r12.5 -> r12.6 and so on.

Note: Service Desk and Service Catalog shared the same mdb.


Now client wants to start using CA Service Catalog r12.9, with the mdb still having old data for Service Catalog r12.5.


Since Catalog r12.5 and Catalog r12.9 are having major differences, we are not sure about whether the tables used by Catalog r12.5 are also upgraded while upgrading mdb or not.

Could anyone help me out with upgrade query?


Another thing, I would like to know is that, the mdb is holding data from earlier installation so while configuring Service Catalog "Business Unit" field is disabled and showing "Business Unit" from earlier installation whereas client wants to use new business unit so can we just change status to 0 in "usm_tenant_ext" and configure Service Catalog to use new Business Unit?