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SPS silent install

Question asked by Richard.Leto on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Richard.Leto

   Hello All,


   We install SPS on windows server, while configuration we observed that sometimes after entering the agentname it gives error stating that agent does not exists will not create the policies and domain, but it creates all required objects. I don't know why this is happening. I understand if we get this type of error we can always ask it to continue to next step and if policies are not created we can create them manually.

But now, in same environment because we don't want to do manual install because we have done one manual install we prefer to go for silent install, the silent install fails at the same point looking for agent on policy server and installation terminates.


I figured out if I disable #AGENT_NAME="drs-sps-qa" in properties file the configuration goes successful, with fatal error:

Custom Action:

                          Status: ERROR

                          Additional Notes: ERROR - Creation of Proxy UI Protection policy has failed.

Proxy UI will not be protected by default.


And This should be fine because the policies are already created after 1st install.


I hope the way I tried to get it resolved should be good. Is there any other way someone can think of getting the configuration completed without Disabling the AGENT_NAME.

Also, why I am getting that error when policies are created (NO AGENT FOUND IN POLICY SERVER), I looked at the smps.log it looks clean.