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APM Upgrade 9.5 to APM 10

Question asked by vinnay on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by strgu01

Hi All,


I have upgraded APM 9.5 to APM 10.

My Environment detail is One MOM server(separate server  ) One failover MOM server (separate server) primary MOM and secondary MOM in cluster mode.Two collector and One database server.I have upgraded Primary mom and both collector and database server.

I followed steps For Data base  

1:-cemdb backup.

2:-Drop data base

3:-Delete all old database directory.

4:-delete postgres user

5:-rebooted server

Install new database.

and restore old cemdb database from backup.

I did not change old directory i installed database in old directory(Introscope9.5.0.0)

Data base restoration done successfully got massage in last line at restoration.


I have started complete environment after upgrade i got bellow massage


9413-[unknown]-[unknown]-2016-03-02 00:22:18.122 EST]LOG: connection received: host=IP port=46996

[9413-cemdb-admin-2016-03-02 00:22:18.122 EST]FATAL: the database system is in recovery mode

[9414-[unknown]-[unknown]-2016-03-02 00:22:18.124 EST]LOG: connection received: host=IP port=46997

[9414-cemdb-admin-2016-03-02 00:22:18.124 EST]FATAL: the database system is in recovery mode

[9415-[unknown]-[unknown]-2016-03-02 00:22:18.126 EST]LOG: connection received: host=IP port=46998

[9415-cemdb-admin-2016-03-02 00:22:18.127 EST]FATAL: the database system is in recovery mode

[9416-[unknown]-[unknown]-2016-03-02 00:22:18.129 EST]LOG: connection received: host=IP port=46999

[9416-cemdb-admin-2016-03-02 00:22:18.129 EST]FATAL: the database system is in recovery mode


Workstation is not accessible webview is not accessible  CEM accessible  only one time after that i got massage at console database not accessible .


Please help me to resolve  this issue.

CA Case ID is:-00321615: Upgrade issue.



Vinay nayak

Wipro Tech