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REST virtualization issue with non-unique incoming arguments was causing magic string to not work properly in DevTest v8.2.0.

Question asked by leena.s on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by leena.s

Hi Team,


I have to put magic string for one of the request element in JSON documents for RESTFUL Service. I am using DevTest 8.2.0 and have given as  E.g.,   "phoneNumber": "{{=request_Accountsearch_phoneNumber;/*1234567890*/}}", in the Response>Body. But while execution dynamic value passed during run time is not being generated in the response for phoneNumber here.


Had checked link. under the case id #199884, 22012816, mentioned that this issue is resolved in 8.0.2 as CA Service Virtualization Enhancements.


Can anyone pls help me to know do I need to add any property in or do I need to add any jars  in lib folder to resolve this issue.

I have to deliver some deliverables tomorrow, it will be great if someone help me for this issue asap.


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