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Is it possible to insert a row in ODF_MULTI_VALUED_LOOKUPS

Question asked by Anant_Raj_89 on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Suman Pramanik

Hi All,


I am working on a requirement where some project object attributes and their relative data is needed in Financial object so that they can be made available in Financial Management Domain at Advanced Reporting side.


The issue is with related to attributes which are having data types as multi valued.


I am trying to migrate  data of attribute ts_receiv_bu present in project object to zz_ts_receiv_bu present in Financial object(both are of multi valued data types)

I have checked and didn't find any XOG instance write for the Financial Object, so I am using insert command to populate the values for zz_ts_receiv_bu attribute in ODF_MULTI_VALUED_LOOKUPS table.


Below screen shows the values stored in the ts_receiv_bu attribute on project object




Now I am using the below mentioned approach in order to populate the above two values in zz_ts_recevi_bu attribute in financial object.

- Insert command will be used to create a row item.

- In the insert command within OBJECT column 'financial' value will be inserted.

- PK_ID will be the instance id in 'FIN_FINANCIALS' to which project is linked and rest all will be the same.


When I use above approach I get 'unique constraint' error.


Could you all please let me know if this is feasible or I am doing something wrong in above approach ?