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Cannot edit Total Allocation Hours on Resource Allocations Detail Screen

Question asked by GregPaisley62353433 on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by urmas

We are running Clarity 14.3.  We would like to be able to edit the total allocation hours field from the Project Team tab (list view) .... or definitely from the Resource Allocations>Detail screen (list view).  When I look at Options>Configure on the two portlets, the field has the "Allow Editing" checkbox checked.  However, the field will not open when clicked on the Team tab.  On the Allocations>Detail screen, the field opens for edit when clicked on, but then reverts back to original value when saved.  The Allocation field IS editable in the "Allocation by Period" time-scale section, and does update the total Allocation field (outside the time-scale section).  We upgraded from ver 13.3 and my users say that they could do this edit on the Team tab list view before the upgrade.  Thanks for any advice!  Greg P