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Need help with closing program and moving finish dates to earlier

Question asked by GregPaisley62353433 on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by suhail-sayed

We are running Clarity 14.3.  This is my first experience of trying to mark as complete a program (contains 6 projects) and moving the finish date up (earlier than current) to the finish date of the projects.  I am used to doing this with projects/tasks and understand about allocation dates, task dates, assignment dates, ETCs, rolling the task finish dates up through the parent tasks and phase tasks, and rolling up Status = "Completed" and % Complete = "100%" up through parent/phase tasks.  I have been trying to apply these principles to the program/projects with some success, but not total success.  One puzzling thing is the "Hierarchy" tab (on the program) shows all projects with Finish Date = 2/29/16 or earlier (desired Finish date for program).  But the "Tasks" tab (on program) shows two projects with Finish Date = 6/30/16.  Also, one project on the Task tab (program) shows Status = "Started" and % Complete = 56%, but at the project itself it shows Status = "Completed" and % Complete = 100% for all tasks.  Thanks for any help/advice!  Greg P