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SPS proxyrule - Frontend url changes to backend url on redirection

Question asked by Dsarkar1987 on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by rusad02

Hi team,

Please help me understanding a basic concept in Siteminder SPS proxyrule.

Lets say, I have SPS in hostmachibe -

I have 2 application ABC and MNC in a tomcat on server -

here ABC is a real application while MNO has a single jsp page.

Proxy rules are written to forward resquest to these applications as below:


<nete:proxyrules xmlns:nete="" debug="yes">

<nete:cond type="uri" criteria="beginswith"><nete:case value="/abc"><nete:forward>$0</nete:forward>


<nete:cond type="uri" criteria="beginswith"><nete:case value="/mno"><nete:forward>$0</nete:forward>




Now when I access as -   -> Works fine

But when I access - --> Returns the page as   (URL changing to backend server)


So, I am not understanding what causes this behavior. When and why this url changes to the backend server?

Please help.



Debasish Sarkar.