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CA Connector Xpress problem generating endpoint

Question asked by GGarciaC on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by KennyV

Hello everybody

I would like your help ...
I am having problems with user provisioning and provisioning using XPress connector manager .

I have an LDAP database with their respective user , this user has the necessary privileges to access : View and select items from the table.

Entering with client database , launched different query's I can see the desired information.

The issue is: I generate the necessary mapping tables in the xpress connector according to their classes and attributes correctly, however when I want to create dependencies between tables (example : tablaA.tablaB = 1 )

I do not allow the endpoint , I do not know if this skipping a step or not this mapping correctly, since by consiuiente I can not correlate in provisioning .
Any comment that puediera I be of help ?
I'd be really grateful