UIM 8.4 Changes

Discussion created by MichaelHarris on Mar 4, 2016

I upgraded our test environment this week to 8.4. I'm particularly interested in the configuration changes with MCS. Our environment has over 3500 robots.

MCS has some good points to it but I don't see it as a great advantage to those upgrading a medium or larger environment. I like the idea of management policy per groups. That's a great improvement over earlier versions. MCS though isn't the kindest to those of us already configured. Is there a way to import the existing configuration? I would think a template setting that allows us to take a device as the default populate the UMP settings. Then it could be customized and pushed to the rest of the group.

Also groups really need to be able to have more than one account assigned to it. Otherwise I will not be able to utilize my existing report groups.

Has anyone else experienced these?

Any ideas on solutions?